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Demet Sag

Genome2Life, USA


Demet Sag is a true Translational Scientist with strong interdisciplinary background and hands on expertise on functional genomics early on her carrier through
NATO Advanced Science Institute Grant in Italy. She completed her PhD in 12/1998 at Illinois Institute of Technology on Molecular and Developmental Genetics
for embryonic stem cells. She came to US for her graduate education after selection of four international scholarships with full benefit package and allowances
to attend scientific meetings, after completing BS in three years as a sum cum laude in Basic and Industrial Microbiology, Ege University. Her Master of Science
work on only bacterial hemoglobin carrying bacteria, Vitroscilla, started a growing interest on Warburg effects and cancer development. Thus, her Postdoctoral and
scientist works were on translational research at stellar medical centers NIH/NCI, SIU, Duke and UNC School of Medicine as a Postdoctoral, Research Fellow and
senior Scientist. Meantime, she taught Anatomy –Physiology, Genetics, Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, as a full time or Associate Professor levels. She
is the Principal of TransGenomics, a premier consulting service organization for clinical and translational research in genomics, vaccine development, biomarker
design and nanomedicine.


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