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Bernd Blobel

University of Regensburg, Germany


Dr. Bernd Blobel studied Mathematics, Technical Cybernetics and Electronics, Bio-Cybernetics, Physics, Medicine and Informatics at the University of Magdeburg and other universities in the former GDR. He received his PhD in Physics with a neurophysiological study. Furthermore, he performed the Habilitation (qualification as university professor) in Medicine and Informatics. He was Head of the Institute for Biometrics and Medical Informatics at the University of Magdeburg, and thereafter Head of the Health Telematics Project Group at the Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen. Thereafter, he acted until his retirement as Head of the German National eHealth Competence Center at the University of Regensburg as well as Head of the globally unique International Interdisciplinary PhD and PostDoc College. He was and is still leadingly involved in many countries health digitalization as well as electronic health record strategy. He published more than 600 papers, published/edited many books and supervised a big number of PhD students from all around the world. He was German Representative to many SDOs such as HL7, ISO, CEN, OMG, IEEE, ASTM, SNOMED, etc., also chairing the national mirror groups. Furthermore, he still engaged in international higher education. He is Fellow of several international academies. 

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